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On-Line Coaching

We are happy to announce that moving forward, on-line coaching will be available to our current clients and new ones.  The idea behind it is simple: why stop your fitness journey when you are out of town?   With the technology available to us, fitness can continue anywhere.  All you need is a phone, iPad/tablet, laptop, and a great attitude.

How Does It Work?

On-Line Coaching can be done rather easily.  First off, let the coach know when you want to do an online coaching session.  Next, we will talk about what equipment you will have available to you (dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell or no gear).  Then, we will go over options to conduct the session (Zoom, Google Duo, Face-Time, Skype).

Finally, on the day of the session, the coach will contact you through the media app of your choosing.  We will run you though  a normal 30 minute or 60 minute session.  After your session, we will review how it went and if there is anything which could be improved upon.

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