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How to Grow Your Personal Training Business by Being of Service and Creating Community

For the sake of this blog post I want to look at the 3 month case study of challenges we implemented when we opened the gym!

Our goal was to make our clients the focus of our attention.

These challenges may seem silly but in a market where person to person contact can be non existent this seems to be the best way to create a sense of community.

Think about personal training and how well...personal it is... That can be incredibly useful to reaching your goals but it can also become stale and boring not only for the trainer but for the person being trained.

How do you create a sense of community in an environment that is predominantly 1 on 1.


Creating a challenge of the month allows personal trainers to program for their clients and at the end of the session have a little bit of fun with the community.

Imagine that! your own clients become invested in the progress of each other because they want to be YOUR best client. The movements chosen are also ones that aren't generally fun. Creating competitions among your clients is a great way to get them to do necessary movements but also have fun doing them!

Congratulations Karen!!! You are the female winner for our January challenge!!! She improved the MOST over the month at how many calories she burned on the rower in 2 minutes! So proud of her :) who wants the next medal!?

We gave our Karen the gold medal for the month because she improved the most! It's not always the best numbers, it's the best overall improvement AND we shout her out on our Facebook Page. Now all our Personal Training clients get to put faces to names and create a community!! :)

Congrats to Nancy!!! She not only improved by 50% but held 120s of a hollow hold!!! She will be getting a medal!!!:) I wonder what's in stores for March!?!?!

Our most improved challenge winner!!! So proud of her!!! She's in her 80s and going STRONG... No excuses here!!! Our next challenge will be announced later today!!! It's a good one :)LOOK AT THOSE GUNS!


There is no limit to the things human beings can do and everyone is focused on looks, looks and more looks. We love highlighting the people that allow us to have the most incredible job in the world! Doing this has been the single biggest investment we ever made in our Studio.

We don't even have an advertising budget and we are filling up slots faster than we can control!

Congrats to everyone who did the wall sit in March!!! We based winner on most improved and it goes to JOEL!!!! in order to improve you have keep trying to do it at least once a week!! Keep pushing guys!! :)everyone did great!

Our very own Pat crushing her Bench Press PR to 75 lbs for 2! No excuses!

We love our people and make sure that their gainz become our gainz! ;) see what I did there??

We have seen a DIRECT impact in the number of referrals we get because we have started to highlight our clients in a positive way! Our Personal Training studio is full of individual clients who have become one big community because of shout outs like these!!

Everyone deserves to belong to a community and we make sure that we give it to them. We have had family members reach out to us and tell us that they have never seen our client so happy before.

Something extremely important to remember is that people that typically go to personal trainers is because they have had bad experience at "regular" gyms or didn't see results because they feel very self conscience in different environments!

Showing people the abilities they have buried deep inside them, bringing that out and shining the light on them for the whole world to see makes our clients feel accomplished!

Making our clients the center of our universe is giving them the confidence they need to do things in their lives they never would have done otherwise.

We are not magicians or miracle workers. We are a group of people dedicated to showing the world and anyone who is willing to listen that people at any age can maximize their potential.

Don't believe the hype??? Come find us and see if we don't wow you!

Our goal is to help 10,000 people do ONE thing they thought they couldn't.

What do you wish you could do right now? Where do you want to be in 5, 10 or 15 years?? Let us know :) We want to hear from everyone!!

Do you think this can work for your own personal training brand? Challenge us!! Let us know what you think! :)

Thank you so much for reading!

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