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How to Be Hot

You're probably thinking, "What a clickbaity title! Mark's gone off the deep end!"

Well, that probably already happened long ago. But guess what? I actually am going to tell you how to be hot.

Now, if "being hot" is not something that you're strive for, that's fine and dandy. We don't all have to want the same things in life. That would be boring. And being boring is definitely not hot. Agreed? Agreed.

But if it is something that interests you, here are three things you need to take to accomplish it.

1) Confidence

When you go somewhere, hold your head high. Have good posture. Look straight ahead and walk with purpose. Know that the thing you're going to do is worthwhile, important, and valuable. In fact, know that YOU are worthwhile, important, and valuable.

When you're talking to people, be secure in your beliefs. Don't be inflexible or dogmatic; keep an open mind. But just as you walk with purpose, talk with purpose.

And if you're not secure in your beliefs, learn more about whatever it is you're talking about until you ARE secure in your beliefs. Simple!

If anyone messes with you, or tries to screw you over, stand up for yourself! Assert whatever it is that YOU want, that YOU believe. Nine times out of ten, they'll back down. Why? Because they're not hot.

2) Presentability

"The apparel doth make the man," said old Polonius in Hamlet. In other words, "dress for the job you want."

We've all heard these cliches, and like many cliches, they're cliches because they're at least partly true. A large part of looking hot comes from what you project. If you're not crazy about your look---say, if you didn't give yourself enough time to choose a good outfit that day---you might project insecurity, and trust me: insecurity shows. This limits your hotness, to say the least.

If, on the other hand, you look your best, you tend to feel your best, and this is what you project.

So, if you don't like the way you look, take steps to improve it. Take the time needed. As you're doing so, feel good about it. Even this level of good feeling will come through, and improve your hotness level.

3) Coolness

Ironically, "coolness" is often considered hot. Some people define coolness as coldness and emotional distance, and find these to be attractive traits. They can be, I suppose.

But the kind of coolness I'm talking about is less about having no feelings at all, and more about choosing what, or who, you allow to affect how YOU feel, especially about yourself.

People whom we generally find to be "cool" tend to have certain lust for life. Far from having no morals or ideas, they stand up for what they believe in. Far from just thinking and acting they way other people think and act, they "do their own thing." And yet, rather than thinking they're better than other people, they spend less time judging others and more time doing whatever it is they're passionate about.

They're aware of their own value and they attract others because of that.



One of the mistakes we often make in our understand of hotness is that a person is either "hot or not." There is no middle ground and there is no choice or control in the matter.

Certainly, there is a societal definition of hotness, and it has value, weight, and validity of its own, but it also has a weakness: it's totally dependent on what other people think of you.

This endows other people with a certain measure of control over you. You see yourself as hot because other people do, and if they don't all of sudden, or if you "lose your looks" for some reason, there goes your own sense of hotness.

I mean, whatever. It's nice to be found attractive by others.

But there is another type of hotness, though. It is a type that you do have control over. And, it actually reduces the amount of control that other people have over you because it has less to do with how other people view you. Rather, it focuses on how you view yourself.

Physical hotness is a matter of genes; it occurs by accident. But this type of hotness does not. Each step takes active work. The beauty part of them is that each one can be worked at.

If you can implement these three steps, though, you'll be well on your way to achieving this type of hotness, and attracting people who are just as hot as you are, or even hotter, if such a thing is possible.


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