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SwimFit 2.16.18

I. Warm-Up:

100 DPS (distance per stroke) - 10 sec rest

8x25 FOB (flutter kick on back) - 10 sec rest

100 FARTLEK (3cycles fast/3cycles long) - 10 sec rest

8x25 Kick w/board - 10 sec rest

100 Swim (25mod/25build/25fast/25ez)

II. Main Set

4x25 Kick w/10 sec rest

4x25 Kick w/5 sec rest

4x25 DR (1: 6-kicks/3pulls/6kicks, 2:6kicks/1stroke/6kicks, 3: Catch-up, 4: Fingertip) - 10sec rest

4x25 Kick Drill (1 stroke/10 kicks) - 10 sec rest

4x25 Swim - 10 sec rest

*Drills: when doing any kick, it should be done on right side or left side; spend as little time on stomach as possible

*Drills: Catchup is taking one stroke and not pulling with the other arm until you have caught up to it/Fingertip is taking a stroke and as you go through your recovery phase, drag your thumb up your aside and during the extension, have your fingertips just graze the water

III. Finisher

25 swim (12.5mod/12.5fast) - Rest 5 sec

50 swim (25mod/25fast) - Rest 10 sec

75 swim (25mod/50fast) - Rest 15 sec

100 swim (25mod/75 fast) - Rest 20 sec

75 swim (Fast) - Rest 15 sec

50 swim (Fast) - Rest 10 sec

25 swim (Fast) - Rest 5 sec

IV. Cool Down

10 Min Mixer (anything you want but must keep moving)

Total: 2000ish yards or meters

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