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SwimFit 4.16.18

I. Warm-Up:

4x100 Swim w/snorkel on 1:50

25 Mountain Climbers (ea leg)

12x25 Kick (ODDS:Fly Kick on Back/EVENS: UH2O) on .40

25 Lunges (ea leg)

2x200 Pull on 3:20/3:40

25 Pushups

12x25 Kick (ODDS:Free/EVENS: UH2O-breaststroke pullouts) on.40

II. SwimFit

A. Teams of 3-Stadium Style

200 Swim

100 KB G2OH (50/50)

100 KB Goblet Squats

100 FR SA KB Lunges (50/50)

200 Swim

*Next person starts when person before them completes the 200 swim

*Cannot go ahead of anyone if you catch them

Rest 3 min

B. Teams of 3

3 Rounds

Block - Station 1:Rest/Station 2: Max Burpees/Station 3: Max Swim

*Must complete 3 blocks ea person

*One person at ea station

*keep track of burpees and yardage

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