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SwimFit 7.6.18

I. Warm-Up:

400 Swim w/snorkel - 15 sec rest

10 Jumping Squats

2x200 Kick w/fins & snorkel on 4:15

10 lunges ea leg/20 mountain climbers

4x100 Swim w/snorkel on 1:50-1:40-1:50-1:30

10 Lunge Jumps/10 cossack squats/10 sprawls

II. SwimFit

A. "I go, You go"

6 Rds ea

Partner A - 150 swim

Partner B - Front Rack KB Holds

*switch after ea swim

Rest 3 min

B. Tap Out #1

Complete every 2 min

25 swim/5 DB G2OH

50 swim/5 DB G2OH

75 swim/5 DB G2OH

100 swim/5 DB G2OH

...see who can get higher

Rest 5 min

C. Tap Out #2

Complete every 2 min

50 Swim/5 DB Goblet Squats

50 Swim/7 DB Goblet Squats

50 Swim/9 DB Goblet Squats

50 Swim/11 DB Goblet Squats

....see who can get higher

Total: 2,750 Yards/Meters

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