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SwimFit 7.25.18

I. Warm-Up:

1 min of ea {Burpees, Froggers, Squats, lunge jumps


800 Mixer

II. SwimFit

A. Team of 3

300 WB 20#/14#

300 HR Pushups

100 Swim

*Partner at ea station

*100 Swim is the time keeper; every time it is completed, partners must rotate

*only once ea movement it completed is the workout finished

Rest 3 min

B. Stadium Style-Team of 3

200 Swim

100 KBS

50 KB G2OH

100 SA OH KB Lunges (50/50)

200 Swim

Rest 3 min

C. 30-20-15-10-5



*75 Swim after ea Rd

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