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SwimFit 10.12.18

I. Warm-Up:

10x25 Free-DR (ODDS:6-3-6; EVENS: Catch-up) on .35

4x100 Free (make it past flags off ea wall) on 1:35

10x25 Bk-DR (ODDS:6-3-6; EVENS:DPS) on .35

4x100 Bk (must make it past flags off ea wall) on 1:50

II. SwimFit


150 WB 20#/14#

*each time you drop the ball = 50 swim

Rest 3 min

B. 100 Pushups

EMOM = 25 Swim

Rest 3 min

C. 200 Situps

Every 2 min = 25 UH2O

*must start with UH2O

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