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SwimFit 11.9.18

I. Warm-Up:

800 Sw (alt 25 Free/25 Back/25 Free/25 Choice)

II. SwimFit

A. Nitro Whistle Set

30 Sec Max Swim

40 Sec Max Swim

50 Sec Max Swim

1:00 Max Swim

1:10 Max Swim

1:20 Max Swim

1:30 Max Swim

1:40 Max Swim

1:50 Max Swim

2:00 Max Swim

*Goal is to challenge yourself and swim as much as possible in time alotted (ex: 30 sec swim you might only swim 25 yards; more experienced athletes might gamble and try for a 50)

*Rest is whatever is left over after you complete you distance (complete 50 swim in 35 sec during 45 Max swim = 15 sec rest)

*Keep track on yardage swum

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