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We are excited to announce SwimFit to our training offerings. This program is designed to keep workouts in the pool fresh and interesting. Workouts will be posted Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the following day. The workouts will be designed to attack one of your body's energy systems or as a recovery/technique day. We will rotate the workouts in this pattern on an every other day basis. All drills and equipment needed for each workout will be explained. Hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing your feedback.


Created 7 years ago at Drew University, SwimFit is designed to keep things fresh for athletes. With typical swim practices consisting of several thousand yards/meters staring at the bottom of a pool, the idea was to break up the monotony but still keep practices meaningful. We began introducing elements of CrossFit into our Wednesday practice and our swimmers loved it. As word got out, other teams began to try it. They too got hooked. Since then, elements of running as well as strength and conditioning have also been incorporated. Through strategic planning, athletes can become more comfortable in the water while improving their overall fitness levels.


SwimFit is designed for everyone. Whether you are a CrossFitter, Triathlete, swimmer, former athlete, or parent, SwimFit is for you. By combining principles for CrossFit, swimming, running, and strength & conditioning, you can improve overall fitness. Each session is designed to attack the different energy systems of the body (phosphagen, glycolitic, and oxidative) while having you work on technique as well. This is done through implementation of sets which can be drill, anaerobic, or aerobic in nature. Combining this with functional movements helps performance even further. Whether it be a SWOD or a recovery workout, SwimFit is unlike anything you have done before.

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